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With our foundation of over 18 years of knowledge in pool constructionpool servicepool renovation and pool supplies we have the ability to offer objective and educated advice. We have the know-how to help you every step of the way in your tenure as a pool owner. We invite you to experience the Swim Clean difference for yourself.

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Angry Egg $29.95
     A powerful chlorine-free formula starts cleaning cloudy pool water on contact to fight impurities like rain, sweat, body oils, beverages and pet dander. Featuring exclusive "sink-to-float" technology, Angry Egg sinks to the bottom of the pool for the deepest clean and floats back to the surface when done. There is no measuring, pouring or testing needed, and the non-chlorine formula insures there is no way to overdose. Angry Egg will be the new go-to cleaner for pool opening, ongoing maintenance, after a vacation or party, or after a severe weather event.
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